On Saturday 9th July 2011, Wirral Model Engineering Society hosted the Annual NAME Rally at Royden Park, Wirral.

The weather was excellent with good company, lots of chat and of course plenty of locos to see, drive and ride behind.

All Photographs taken by Mo Stephen

gwr0421447_small.jpg blackprince_small.jpg readyforfiring_small.jpg mkicoaches_small.jpg
keithgrifffindrivingbobleesdart_small.jpg p1010402_small.jpg p1010404_small.jpg shroudedinsteam_small.jpg
p1010406_small.jpg p1010407_small.jpg bobleeanddart_small.jpg mikebarnetts5nert2_small.jpg
p1010412_small.jpg fin5_small.jpg p1010414_small.jpg p1010415_small.jpg
p1010418_small.jpg p1010419_small.jpg peveril_small.jpg gnratlantic_small.jpg
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