In January 2012, from Thursday 5th through to Monday 9th inclusive, the Whangarei Model Engineering Club hosted the Model Engineering Association of New Zealand Convention.

Held every two years at a different clubs facilities in New Zealand, the 5 days of activities see all National affiliated clubs and several International clubs or representative members attending.

As well as a huge variety of locomotives, steam, petrol & electric, that transport public and convention attendees alike around the 1.2 kilometre track, there were static displays of a range of miniature engines, along with junior and senior competitions for convention attendee's to solve and present engineering solutions to problems posed.

Our attendees from Wirral were Mo and Frank Stephen who took all these photographs. The majority were taken by Mo and are displayed here in the order in which they were taken.

p1020615_small.jpg p1020616_small.jpg p1020617_small.jpg p1020618_small.jpg
p1020619_small.jpg p1020620_small.jpg p1020622_small.jpg p1020624_small.jpg
p1020625_small.jpg p1020626_small.jpg p1020627_small.jpg p1020628_small.jpg
p1020633_small.jpg p1020634_small.jpg p1020635_small.jpg p1020636_small.jpg
p1020638_small.jpg p1020639_small.jpg p1020640_small.jpg p1020641_small.jpg
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