The first weekend in March 2012 saw this new Exhibition for Modellers and Model Engineers. The venue was Event City, Manchester

Mo and Frank Stephen recorded the exhibits and they are displayed here in the order in which the photographs were taken.

p1030179_small.jpg p1030181_small.jpg p1030183_small.jpg p1030191_small.jpg
p1030193_small.jpg p1030195_small.jpg p1030196_small.jpg p1030202_small.jpg
p1030203_small.jpg p1030204_small.jpg p1030205_small.jpg p1030206_small.jpg
p1030207_small.jpg p1030212_small.jpg p1030216_small.jpg p1030217_small.jpg
p1030219_small.jpg p1030221_small.jpg p1030223_small.jpg p1030224_small.jpg
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