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On Sunday 13th March, whilst we were public running, we had visitors who made themselves known to us. They were Dave and Pat Judd who are members of the Alberta Model Engineering Society. Pat originates from Liverpool, Dave a Londoner and years ago they met up in a pub in Alberta!

They spent a couple of hours with us exchanging information and taking photographs. Dave explained that the Society had been obliged to vacate from previous locations. Their present site many years ago, when the township was very small, was a sewage lagoon. Proper sanitary arrangements were made as the township grew. The lagoon was left and subsequently filled in with demolition materials etc. At one point the local council had designs on building residential properties but site surveys showed it was still toxic. A geologist friend of theirs advised they should grow trees on the site as even in Canada they have tree-huggers which may help towards extending their tenure!

They are in the enviable position of being on a 20 year lease. Have a look at their website . There are a number of videos with one being taken from a quadcopter giving a good but dizzying view of the site. The photo gallery is well worth a look at - be impressed with the quality, and pocket, of the engineering. Dave and Pat have said that any of our members would be more than welcome if they are in that area as they, like us, are a friendly bunch.

They also thanked us for our welcome and hospitality and said that our facilities were excellent.

Some archive & recent photographs were sent by Dave.

He writes,

"Thanks so much for making us welcome at your track and feeding us tea and cookies.
I have added some photos of Iron Horse Park taken over the years. The first one shows what we started with in 1997 when we were in the middle of the countryside and the City of Airdrie was East and in view just across the CPR mainline. Originally the City of Airdrie was only to the East of the tracks but now the city has grown so much the railway now has about a quarter of it on the West side. So now we have condominiums on two sides (North and West), the Canadian Pacific Railway mainline to Edmonton to our East and construction of homes has begun to our South. We are well and truly a City park now and the largest miniature railway in Canada.


I have added a photo of the CPR replica station built by members.


A photo of the trestle designed by a civil engineer member from wood donated from the movie set Santa Baby 2 shot in Calgary. We had it pressure treated first.



There is a photo of two CPR AC4400's on the mainline passing our model AC4400. They often give us a blast from the horn even though they are not supposed to unless someone is on the tracks. The kids love it.


A couple of winter scenes. One was taken on a really cold day (-20C) and the other was after we shoveled into a drift on a nice winters day (0C likely). We actually don't get much snow (the Rocky Mountains 60 miles West take most of it) but it tends to get blown into areas and build up. We put doors on the tunnels now to stop snow drifting in.



I will send more of the locos that we have had at the park over the years in another email as it won't let me add any more to this one.
Anyone who wants to visit will be most welcome and depending on the dates may find some free accommodation.


Dave Judd

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