An Evening at the Track - 17th July 2014

As is usual for this event in the Society's calendar interested members met at Royden Park and activities were centred on the Raised Track.
The day had been sunny and windless and continued into the evening.

The early birds arrived circa. 6pm and by 7.30 a number of engines were in steam and circulating.

  • John Oliver had brought a Freelance (4F) 3.5"g 0-6-0 tender loco (ex Jumbo Whitehouse).
  • Ian Jameson's 3.5"g LNER 'Papyrus' showed smooth and speedy running.
  • Barry Harrison with grandson Ben Williams brought their 5"g B/E Class 14 Diesel - Ben's grin seemed to widen as the evening progressed!
  • Jon Swindlehurst brought his 5"g 'Lion' which ran in its accustomed smooth and effortless manner.
  • 5"g Club loco 'Jenny' was operated by John Meadows and others.
  • Len Williamson brought his latest engine, a 5"g Dholpur type, with his son and grandson who had a great time. It ran effortlessly and looks a very powerful engine. In establishing with Len what type of loco it was he gave me some details which may be of interest:
    • Hunslet Engineering built 4 of these engines for the 2'- 6" gauge Dholpur State Railways.
    • The last two, nos. 3873 and 3874, were built in 1959 as a 2-8-4 wheel arrangement to spread the load of 84 tons fully loaded with coal and water.
    • Len had researched with NRM but details were sparse.
    • Apparently Kerr Stuart built four engines to this design in the 1920's.
    • India does not seem have named their engines and seem to paint them in odd colours in funny places.
    • Len has decided to have a GWR green and black colour scheme and has taken 3.5 years to build with, at times, long hours in the workshop machining parts. He was grateful for received advice and help with brazing of the boiler. He says it was a huge 'dollop of copper'.
    • Comments have been received on the loco name - 'The Dollop'. Maybe others have suggestions for him!!

Dholpur Dholpur2

There were 18 members present plus members/friends of their families who all seemed to be really enjoying the occasion, in some cases with hands-on experience of engine driving.
At about 8.15 tea and biscuits were served to all and proceedings drew to a close circa 9.30. The weather had been ideal for this event, though it might be less easy to repeat the event at other times of year.

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