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Frequently asked Questions

A number of questions to the webmaster are repeated regularly. As they are asked I will post them and our answers here.

Q. How do I obtain a test for my boiler?

A. There are two ways to obtain a boiler test and certification as follows:


You may approach any listed or advertised approved boiler testing organisation or qualified persons advertising boiler test services. These facilities are commercial and there will be a payment to be made to the individual or organisation that undertakes the examination, testing and issuing of certification.

It is not possible to give an estimate of cost because that will vary depending upon the arrangements you make but charges will have to cover the tester's costs of travel and attendance at an agreed location.

One such organisation would be the engineering department of Royal Sun Alliance, or similar Insurance Company.

One could always check whether the manufacturer or supplier of the boiler has arrangements for testing.


Within the UK there is a national boiler testing scheme operated by boiler inspectors within individual model engineering societies.

These societies may be located using computer search engines. One such is here.

There is no charge for boiler testing within a society that is affiliated to the major model engineering organisations. However, you must join a society as a full member to have any pressure equipment tested under the national boiler testing scheme.

Q. I am in the process of trying to sell an engine on behalf of my father. Would a member of your society be interested in buying/completing it?

A. I get a number of these letters every year and I'm afraid my reply is generally not very helpful.

From experience I know the members won't want to take on such a project. These days people want larger and to build it themselves, or have it complete, tested and running.

eBay can be a bit hit and miss. There are a number of dealers who will purchase part or fully completed models.

A web search using 'part built live steam models' brought up 5 dealers in the UK on the first page.

We can't recommend an individual dealer as we have no personal experience of their services.