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The Ground Level Track
71/4" Gauge

A new platform road and new crossing gates

A new Platform Road

It has been mooted for some time to provide an additional platform in the Ground Level station. In November of last year a new point was fabricated with additional track sections.

The new point has just been installed after the first point encountered when returning to the station. (delayed due to our preoccupation with Santa efforts).

This will provide an additional platform between current platforms 2 and 3. Platform 2 will be re-aligned to make room and when all is complete the flagging will be modified and improved access/exit for passengers to the platforms will be devised. In re-aligning line 2 the original track will be replaced with current reduced-section rails and the original retained for repairs/replacements at other locations.

Words & Pictures Roger Couch

New Crossing Gates

The original pedestrian crossing gates were getting rather old, having served their purpose for almost 14 years. Two of our members volunteered to construct some new ones (some people never learn!) and these pictures show the results of their endeavours.

The middle two of the four old codgers testing the gates by leaning on them,(something that would be frowned upon with the old ones! Ed.) are Dave and Peter who did their construction and painting at home.

New steel gate posts have been concreted in and the gates fitted with galvanised netting to their lower halves.
The old crossing warning light has been retired and the clever bit is now permanently mounted in the top of a centre post. 

Images Roger Couche; Words Alan Pennell